Tel-Hai battle – 100th centenary

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During the 100th anniversary of the Tel-Hai battle, it was a great honor to share this occasion with others who came to the Tel-Hai Courtyard where they visited the exhibition and viewed the ICA Trumpeldor film. On the first of March in 1920, eight Tel-Hai defenders (among them Trumpeldor himself) fell in battle. Every year a ceremony is held and this year ICA was given the honor of laying a wreath, which Stephen did with much excitement. The moderator highlighted ICA’s role not only in the establishment of Tel-Hai, Kfar Giladi and other settlements, but also in its contribution till today.

Last night the Channel 11 news broadcasted parts of this film and emphasized ICA’s role during that era.

Attached below is the u-tube link to the Trumpeldor film.

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