Tel-Hai College – 3D Dissection Table

Tel-Hai  College began the 2020-21 academic year three weeks ago with about 3,700 students, 1,650 of them in their first year.

The year has started online and we intend to open the campuses for on location learning in small groups, in accordance with government guidelines.

Thanks to ICA in Israel generous donation, we recently acquired the Anatomage Table (3D Dissection Table).

I am happy to present you and our dear friends of ICA in Israel, with a report describing the Anatomage and its importance.

I would like to thank you, on behalf of Tel-Hai family, for a significant and long-standing partnership, and invite you to inaugurate the renovated classroom

and experience the amazing functions of the Anatomage, on your next visit to Israel (which will hopefully happen soon).

Tel-Hai College 3D Dissection Table- Report Presented to ICA in Israel

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