The Eilot Regional Conservatory – a musical family

On August 17, 2022, a representative orchestra of the Hevel Eilot Music Center went to play at the Southern District Managers’ Conference of the Ministry of Education in Be’er Sheva. An orchestra of twenty children with their instrument teachers decided together on the creation, the arrangement, and the nature of the performance, they prepared, practiced and were excited together – as a community, as a family.

In 2017, the wheel that started the process of building this family was set in motion. We started by integrating the school playing program (a national program under the supervision of the Ministry of Education for playing music in schools) into school life.

The effects of the program began to trickle down little by little. First into the breaks, when after the music lessons the children went out to continue playing together with their teachers. Later, the music began to permeate the entire school community. Either by participating in ceremonies and milestones on the school day or by playing spontaneously at the initiative of the students and with the cooperation of staff members, teachers, students from all levels and the music teachers.  There was an organic expansion of the program to more and more classes, to the point that there was not enough physical space inside the school to provide for the activity.

In order to give the students a place to experience and play together alongside the natural increase in the number of children participating in the music program, A regional music complex was built next to Nof Edom, where today the vast majority of the musical activity takes place. The performing groups of the conservatory consist of children enrolled in the conservatory for instrumental studies and children who express their desire to become members of these groups.

The activity grew with the, and this is how the high school diploma track was born at Ma’ale Shaharut High School, which was established to meet the needs of the youth who grew up with us, fell in love and want to continue performing and playing together. Pre-major students (7th – 9th grades) study theory, performance and even help in teaching the school’s students. The pre-major activity is a bridge to the music major in grades 10-12 and guarantees a stable, safe, and even more professional transition towards full matriculation with music worth 10 credits.

After planting of the roots, the conservatory community turned outward to the community of the Eilot Region with the aim of contributing to the empowerment of residents through music. Community projects are heart-warming, and we see them as an integral part of our daily activities.

Recently we have created a new program, the “Olim to the stage ” project which has been established in cooperation with the Aliya absorption department in the council. The project gives the children who immigrated to Israel this year a musical framework that tries to alleviate even a little of the initial loneliness and brings them into the musical community at school. Ten children started the project this year by learning to play recorders. We are now raising funds for the development of the program and its expansion to all instruments of the orchestra and the participation of the parents in the activity.

On 29.11.22 we received a letter from the music supervision which gives official confirmation that the family we raised and the community we created is not only amazing but also meets the standards of the music supervision and the Ministry of Education. We are now a supervised and recognized conservatory. This news is a very significant milestone for all of us. The construction of the Eilot Regional Conservatory happened as a natural process with the community.  The entire community of the Eilot region is responsible for the realization of this dream. Our conservatory is not an island in the desert landscape, but a source of water that aims to quench the thirst of all music lovers in our community. We will continue to create together and grow together with our community. This rare magic we believe will guarantee deep and stable roots that over time will grow

We would like to thank ICA Israel for their support along the way and hope this cooperation will grow more and more throughout the years.

Best Regards,

Eilon Ginzburg, Music Education Manager, Eilot Community Center, Eilot Region

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