The Ein Shemer agriculture workshop

We try to challenge the high school students in our areas to solve real agriculture and bio-tech and environment problems.

For this issue we created a project that connected school students and professional workers from the industry. The mix team tries to find a new solution for the problems they face.

Here are few examples of the last conference we had in Ein Shemer greenhouse few weeks ago:

A   What to do with the waste Ag. Plastics ?

B   To improve the plant grafting process and use robot for that.

C   To use bio pest control against beetles who eat wheat grains

D   To accurate the plant irrigation

E    To save human time in the process of sorting eggs in the chicken coop.

More than 100 pupils from 16 high schools participated in the conference.

Attached is a short movie describing the fantastic atmosphere in the show.  I am so sorry that there is no translation to the video but it is not really needed. I am also very sorry for the music that comes with the video…do not forget that the film was made by a young boy…


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