The Ein Shemer Greenhouse

Hello Board Members,

The Ein Shemer Greenhouse encourages the 12th grade pupils to research and write their 5-point annual final matriculation paper.

Yesterday, 18 pupils presented their papers by the TED method, 6 minutes per presentation. Parents, teachers, farmers, and local residents came to listen and learn. How proud they all were!

The pupils lack skills for TED presentations and I relayed this to the staff. I also recommended that the presentation be given in English, very good practice. Moreover, it can be part of the English matriculation exam.

This year the curriculum focused on

 four main subjects:

  1. Biomimicry
  2. Molecular Biology
  3. Algae as a source of protein & lipid acid
  4. Salinized water

All the above was made possible by ICA’s support. For this, we were thanked by both pupils and staff members alike.


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