The Pigeon Story – Kibbutz Neot Semadar

Pigeons have become a major nuisance in our lives.
The danger of their penetration into aircrafts at takeoff is well-known. Their fecal pollution in street squares is an annoyance worldwide. Pigeons cause severe damage to fish ponds. Recently, the State approved the establishment of solar installations – with fish blessings – to create a source of dual income for farmers. Many ponds were covered with solar panels. However, the pigeons and their feces on the panels result in a decreased solar efficiency.

At the Eilot Accelerator, founded by ICA four years ago, an entrepreneur from Kibbutz Neot Smadar presented the idea of ​​removing pigeons without, of course, the use of toxins.
During our last visit to Neot Smadar, a prototype of the device was presented and it was evident that this invention did not particularly impress us. The developer has continued his mission without hesitation and is currently examining the efficiency of fish farming in the north of the country. The device was placed on the fish pool, similar to sprinklers. In addition, the device was also placed on the solar panels.

Attached are 3 photos that show:

A.  the device spread across the water

B.  a contaminated solar panel

C.  a very clean solar panel due to the developed system

The State’s Innovation Authority believed in this project and has even budgeted 600,000 NIS for further development, currently focused on adding a computerized vision and an AI mechanism to identify where the pigeon lands. Only there will the disposal device be activated, thus saving energy. Another development is connecting the solar energy system, enabling its operation without any additional energy investment or electric grid connection. These two developments are being carried out by the Arava tech company at Kibbutz Samar.


A modest idea that began to operate at the Arava Accelerator yields another technological product that is being supported and funded by the Innovation Authority.
The Incubator has donated a sum of $10,000, giving ICA 5% of the new company’s shares.
The technology company at Kibbutz Samar makes a living from this venture.
Kibbutzim in the Valley of Springs are seeking to purchase this technology next year.
Hence, ICA can certainly be very proud of its success.

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