Ussishkin Museum – Inauguration Ceremony

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This past Tuesday I drove to the Jordan Valley and visited Kinneret College that celebrated the laying of the cornerstone for the new lab building. For the ceremony our President sent a video

with a nice, short speech.

The new building will be comprised of 4 levels. On the first and second floors will be the labs that will house equipment purchased with the aid of a $450,000 ICA grant. The two other floors will serve

the innovation center, where ICA is also involved, and the new industrial Hi-Tech companies that have begun to operate in the area. The Innovation Center has 20 new startups, some of them relying on knowledge that has been developed at Kinneret College.

Other building partners include local industries and the College itself, however, the donors are the KKL, the Ministry of Education and ICA.

It is encouraging to note that ICA was the first supporter, enabling additional fund-raising for project completion. Our $180,000 grant facilitated the innovation center to raise more than $10M.

When the film will be ready, I will send it to you.

Later that day, it was a great pleasure to partake in the inauguration ceremony of the Ussishkin Museum in Kibbutz Dan. This unique museum is dedicated to nature’s plants and animals, as well as to the long, fascinating history of our country’s north in which ICA has played a major part. ICA’s role was superbly presented by our friend, Prof. Yossi Ben Artzi, of Haifa University. He is also the chairman of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI).

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