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A trail in the Valley of springs, Tourism, Education & Community

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The landscape of our childhood is an important element in the formation & consolidation of our personal & national identities, as humans are affected by the rivers, the mountains, the valleys & the flowers amongst which they grow up and by the connections they form with generations and times gone-by. There is no better way to learn to love Israel, than ‘through our feet’, by walking the countryside, experiencing the scenery & touching its people, its culture & its secrets.

The Valley of Springs is home to numerous historical sites such as the place where King Saul fell on his sward back in the days of the bible and the first Tower and Wall settlements in the early pioneering days. The “Trail in the Valley” initiative is an open invitation to experience 120 km of a walking trail, in 32 sections, circumnavigating the entire Valley of Springs. The trail meanders through the biblical Mount Gilboa, via the historic landscapes of the Jordan River & all the way to the archeologically significant town of Bet Shean. It passes through the biblical era, via the Talmud era and on to early Zionism and modern-day Israel. The Trail connects all the sites in the Valley, from Menachemiya in the North, to Tirat Zvi in the south allowing ‘trail walkers’ to meet local communities along the way. It is an in-depth, hands-on introduction to a beautiful, nationally significant, yet little known area.

Five centers will be build along the trail, each with an overnight camping facility built around an ecologically-sound shelter, forming a platform for educational-tourism activities & workshops, focusing on issues such as ‘the environment and nature’, ‘organic agriculture’, ‘biblical heritage’, ‘the new Zionism’ etc. Many will enjoy The Trail: Youth groups, soldiers, retirees, families, overseas tourists etc. Local communities will be involved so that the Trail’s activities generate additional income opportunities, mainly in the hospitality trade. Already thousands of youth are actively involved in the Trails’ construction, while others are walking along its paths.


  • To encourage quality tourism in the periphery as a part of demographic development in the Valley of Springs.
  • To strengthen educational values, mainly the love for Israel.
  • To connect between people from various backgrounds
  • To develop environmental responsibility

<>· To generate additional income options by connecting trail-tourism to tourism-operators in the region.


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Sol Lavie Ben-Shimol

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