welding and soldering workshop in Malkishua

This week I visited the welding and soldering workshop that ICA is establishing in Malkishua. Those of you who do not know Malkishua, I will mention that this is a rehabilitation village for alcohol and drug addicts.

In the village, there are two communities: young people from the age of 12 and adults from the age of 20. The rehabilitation process is lengthy and sometimes takes one to two years. Even after completing the rehabilitation process in the village you go out to the hostel for a certain period and finally return to the community.

The success rate is only about 40% … and that is considered a high percentage …

Much of the failure of rehabilitation is failure to find suitable jobs.

To this end, I proposed to Malchishua the establishment of a greenhouse for the study of horticulture and a workshop for welding and soldering.

Today, the graduates of the professional courses take the exams of the Ministry of Labor.

It turns out that a beginner professional welder can get 100 shekels per hour … is considered a nice salary. Later he can get a much higher salary.

I was happy to see the professional success and get the appreciation of the Malchishua trainees.


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